Celebration of Scholarships




Every year, Good Counsel invites scholarship donors to share a lovely reception with the student scholarship recipients and their families. The Celebration of Scholarships is a wonderful way for our students to thank the donors who help make their Good Counsel education possible.

Thank you to all of our Scholarship Donors

Mr. Arthur Raimo
Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Branagan, Jr. '62
Mr. and Mrs. James Fitzgerald
Ms. Molly Nagel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bohlander
Mr. Michael J. McGivern '68
Mr. Timothy A. Welsh '84
Mr. and Mrs. John Polletto
Mr. Earl E. Hunt, II '99
Joshua Ott '99
Larry and Catherine Tansinda
Mrs. Judith Hewitt
Mr. Timothy McKenna '88
Mrs. Mary Doyle
Ms. Patricia Chaney Savage
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cardaci, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Brewer, Jr. '85
Mr. George O. Aragon
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roderick '66
Mr. John Vassos
Mr. Steven T. Ghent
Mrs. Kathy Dominguez
Mr. Timothy A. Welsh '84
Mr. and Dr. Bruce Haase
Mr. Daniel P. Boyle '67
Mr. Fred Taylor
The Shepherd Foundation | Mr. Brian T. Ridgeway
Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Murphy '68
Mr. Richard H. Urban '62
Ms. Elizabeth Matan
The V&S Foundation | Mrs. Stephanie Saturni
Jacqueline G. McGivern
Dr. Richard Slocum
Corey Lee Hewitt Weible
Ms. Barbara Barandjes
Mrs. Sonia Amir Bowie '93
Mr. and Mrs. John O'Neil
Mr. Ken Bartee | Bartee Family Foundation
Mr. Richard M. Burns
Mr. Joseph W. Howard '67
Mr. Jack Giacalone