Using Social Media to Spread the Word

  • Help spread the word about #GCDayofGiving by sharing the promotional video from @olgchs account on Facebook (posted on March 18). The share with the most activity before March 25, will receive a GC Day of Giving t-shirt and a special social media shout out.

  • Create your own posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Include the hashtag #GCDayofGiving and #StrongerTogether and the website in your posts. Use plenty of images from our Toolkit, videos, and other creative materials to get your messages out.

  • Help engage Falcons around the globe by commenting, sharing, and liking Good Counsel posts about Day of Giving. You can also tag and invite friends to join the conversation. The more social media likes, tags, and activity on 3/25/21 will result in more funding for our Falcons!

How to Become an Advocate Using GiveCampus

Make an impact at your school by encouraging your classmates, fellow current parents, and other GC circles to support Day of Giving on GiveCampus! It’s easy. Here’s how:

Create an Account (or if you already have one, log in)

  • We can only celebrate your hard work if we're able to tell it's you! And we do that by tracking outreach done when you're logged in to GiveCampus.
  • Head to and click 'Log In' at the top of the page.
  • Create an account from there!

Consider Your Own Gift

  • Lead by example and make your own gift early. It's much easier to ask your friends and family to join you in making a gift when you’ve already done it yourself!

Offer a Match (or Challenge)

  • Leverage your gift and encourage others to give via a match or challenge.
  • Consider restricting your match or challenge by your class year, affiliation, or to a list of your friends (by email address) to raise the stakes

Share, Share, Share

  • The built-in sharing buttons on the campaign page generate a link that is unique to you. If you share while you're logged in, we can track it and celebrate your impact!
  • Share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Text Message, Email, Phone Call, Carrier Pigeon… The sky’s the limit!

Tell Your Story

  • Create a Personal Plea and post it to the campaign page!
  • Film a quick video in which you tell your community why you’re excited about the campaign, and why others should get involved. Keep it quick, casual, and fun!

Check out this 2-minute advocacy training video.