Fund for Good Counsel

Fund for Good Counsel

2023-24 Advancement Committee Members

  • Ami Burritt P'27
  • Tonia Essig P'94, P'98, P'00
  • Elleni Glekas, P'24, P26
  • Michelle Gutierrez '98, P'25
  • Shana Hall P'27
  • Consuelo Kendall '99
  • Margaret Kim P'19
  • Limnyuy Konglim '01
  • Leah Kramer '90
  • Rev. Bob Lawton '65
  • Mike Lozupone '76, P'03, P'06, P'09
  • Nicole Lynch P ’27
  • Jacqueline Manger P'20, P'22
  • Ana Matan '14
  • Michael Mitrione '78, P'10, P'11, P'14, P'21
  • Dan Murphy '84, P'10, P'17
  • Karen Murphy P'25 P'27
  • Victoria Nelson ’06
  • Bob Ramin P'08, P'11
  • Edward Reilly P'17
  • Bill Riley '68
  • Maggie Lynch Selwood '01
  • Christina Shioutakon P'22, P'23
  • Rob Smith P'24
  • Heather Kerr Stewart P'23
  • Hollie Taylor P'19, P'22

Annual contributions to the Fund for Good Counsel help sustain the excellence of the school and the student experience. Together, these gifts enable Good Counsel to make a bold and meaningful commitment to our students and faculty; a commitment that we simply couldn't fulfill otherwise. Gifts to Good Counsel’s annual fund address the school’s greatest needs in any given year and ensure its future success.

To support the annual fund, be sure to select “Area of Greatest Need” when making your gift.

You can direct your gift to the Fund for Good Counsel in any of the following areas:

The Greatest Need: Supporting the School’s more urgent needs and providing us flexibility to serve the greatest needs that arise during the school year. This bucket was able to help during COVID-19 and provide emergency financial aid and technology for extended distance learning.


Financial Assistance: Providing tuition assistance to students with demonstrated need, helping deserving students receive a Good Counsel education.

Faculty Development: Ensuring our teachers attend professional development and continuing education courses, helping them remain at the forefront of their fields.

Arts: Supporting our choir, art, dance, orchestra, theater and other artistic programs, producing stellar performances and affording students the opportunity to hone their artistic talents.

Athletics: Allowing us to continue to be competitive by providing our student athletes with the best coaching, training, facilities, and equipment.


Service: Sustaining a variety of opportunities including community service days and service trips abroad.