Cashen Bohlander '18 Memorial Scholarship

Cashen profile photo

Established by friends and family in loving memory of Cashen Bohlander ’18, these four-year scholarships provide annual financial assistance to students in the Ryken Studies program who exhibit Cashen’s commitment to hard work, compassion for others, and perseverance.

Cashen Bohlander lived her life with a great deal of vigor and love. She was a kind-hearted and compassionate person, who worked extremely hard at her school work and her relationships with God and others. Following her sudden death of natural causes at the age of “Sweet 16” her parents, Bob and Sharon, and siblings, Ben and Cameron, established this scholarship in her honor.

Founded in the Xaverian tradition of academic caring, Our Lady of Good Counsel High School established the Ryken Studies Program to support highly motivated students with mild learning differences. One of the most sought-after programs in the metropolitan DC area, the Ryken Studies Program assists students in their core courses (English, mathematics, religion, science, and social studies) through the use of varied teaching styles and strategies that focus on skill development in small group settings. The goals of the Ryken Studies Program are to prepare students to be successful in college and to help them to become autonomous learners by developing and reinforcing compensation strategies for their learning disabilities.


  • Haley Hutchcroft '26
  • Audrey Hopkins '25
  • Nataly Alnahhas '24
  • Erin O’Keefe ’23
  • Sara Fritschi ’22
  • Nicoletta Sideris '21
  • Ashley Marie Hystad '18
  • Kyle Anthony Fritschi '18