Brian Rice '02 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Established by friends in loving memory of Brian Rice ’02, this scholarship will provide financial assistance to a rising senior who exhibits Brian’s perseverance, and commitment to the community, and is experiencing family or financial hardships.

Despite the fact that Brian suffered the loss of both of his parents by the age of 16, he never considered himself unlucky. He continued to live his life to the fullest and persevered with the help of the Our Lady of Good Counsel High School community, who he always considered his family. Despite the challenge of navigating life without parents at such a young age, Our Lady of Good Counsel High School afforded Brian the opportunity to receive a great education and continue to play football, becoming a three-time varsity starter and first-team all WCAC.

After graduating from Good Counsel, Brian continued to utilize his connections to the strong community through his gift of gab which made an impression on everyone he met. While Brian excelled in athletics early in life and during his time at Good Counsel, Brian’s education highlighted his tremendous talent for writing, so much so that Brian received a B.S. in Literature at Franklin and Marshall College (Lancaster, PA).

Brian dreamed about being a millionaire one day so that he could fully fund the opportunity for an underprivileged student to attend Good Counsel, receive an outstanding education, and enjoy the same community that continues to rally around him. To continue to live in his spirit, the Brian Rice Foundation has been created to carry on Brian’s legacy and dream.


Available to be awarded in 2026-2027 application cycle.