Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships provide a steady and reliable stream of support. These funds generally grow over time, generating income for many of our scholarship awards. When you give to an endowed scholarship, you are making a personal and immediate impact on the lives of our students.

How to endow a scholarship

The opportunity to fund a scholarship in the memory or honor of a loved one ensures that their memory lives on in a community that meant something to them. Endowing a scholarship is often the start of a ripple effect of philanthropy, as recipients are very likely to ‘pay it forward’ in their futures. For many donors, the most rewarding part of creating an endowed scholarship is the ability to meet each recipient, often developing lifelong relationships. Good Counsel hosts an annual Celebration of Scholarships, providing a formal opportunity to meet your scholar and their families.

One scholarship can make all the difference. Endowed scholarships require a minimum endowment level of $25,000, which will provide support to help with tuition, fees, and/or other education costs. Endowments may be made for any amount above the $25,000, especially if the goal is to provide more support or to provide support for more than one student. For more information on endowing a scholarship, please contact Julie Potter.