Procedures for Submitting Service Forms

Follow the two steps below to receive credit for service.

1. Submit Intent to Serve Form

  • Should be submitted at least TWO WEEKS before completing service at any site not explicitly mentioned under Pre-Approved Community Service Sites.
  • If this is not done, students should be aware that hours may not count as required service (failure to submit an intent to serve is not an automatic denial).

2. Download and print 2021-22 Service Verification Form

  • Must be turned in with required signatures within ONE MONTH of completion of service.
  • Any misrepresentation of information on Service Forms will result in academic disciplinary action and/or an automatic failing grade in Xaverian Service for the school year.
  • Please be certain to have forms signed only by those authorized to do so (specific to each site/service coordinator).
  • COMPLETED Service Verification forms should be submitted to Mrs. Blanco at