Student Life

Upon entering Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, each student is challenged with five specific goals:

  • Academic Accomplishment - measured by the scholastic requirements for graduation and personalized teacher-student contact.
  • Knowledge and Growth in the Catholic Faith - fostered by religious studies courses, mandatory freshman, sophomore, and junior retreats; optional senior retreat, prayer and community worship.
  • Service - as recognition of each student's responsibility to others. A service requirement and a variety of opportunities are provided to encourage each student to grow in the generosity and self-sacrifice that have always been the hallmark of the committed Christian.
  • Leadership - shown when each student sees that one's strengths and positive talents should be used as an influence for good.
  • Christian Conduct - demonstrated by each student recognizing and respecting the rights of others, while exercising one's own rights with politeness and maturity.

We take great pride in the quality of all of our programs, and in the breadth and depth of education those programs create for Good Counsel students.