Meet the Global Programs Team

Yihung Mohs |
Director of Global Programs

Contact Information:
Office: 240-283-3272

Mrs. Mohs is responsible for developing and implementing international learning opportunities for all Good Counsel students. As director, she oversees the international student application process, communicating with international students, agents, teachers, and host families. Since 2015, she has grown the number of International Students to more than 60 from 19 countries, with graduating international students attending top universities including Johns Hopkins University, New York University, and Hong Kong University.

She is charged with creating and supporting programs and events to advance international mindedness among students and faculty, both in and out of the classroom. These programs include several exchange programs; Summer Programs, the Global Buddies program and the Global Scholars program.

Mrs. Mohs holds two Master’s degrees: an MBA from Johns Hopkins University and an M.A. in radio, TV, and film from the University of Maryland, College Park. She worked for more than 14 years with Discovery Communications, Inc. as Director of Internal Events and Projects and had a significant role in opening up Discovery’s business in China. She has traveled extensively in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. In the past 10 years, Mrs. Mohs has been an entrepreneur, starting and operating two successful businesses in the United States.

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Gina McBean-Linton |
International Student Life Coordinator

Contact Information:
Office: 240-283-3341

Mrs. Linton is the primary contact for our international students once they arrive to the United States. As a parent of two Good Counsel students, she brings a wealth of personal and professional knowledge to this role. Her work consists of assisting international students with daily life matters, including orientation, post-arrival follow-up, holiday celebrations, Global Buddies Events, and re-entry training events. She also monitors their home and academic lives to ensure harmony in the students’ general wellbeing. She loves to travel, especially with someone in his or her home country to get a real sense of the culture.

Mrs. Linton serves as an emergency contact for international students and as a liaison among students, host families, homestay agencies, and local coordinators when needed. Mrs. Linton has been both a local coordinator and a host parent.

Mrs. Linton graduated from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA and spent 10 years serving on the Board of Trustees. She spent 14 years working in the state legislature with a State Senator and the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, working with a culturally and ethnically diverse audience in a public relations and community outreach capacity. She has served in fundraising and community outreach positions for The State Museum of Pennsylvania and a college performing arts center.

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