Taming Your Paper Piles

Instructor: Lisa Engle, Certified Professional Life Coach

Bio: Lisa Engle specializes in helping her clients meet their personal and professional goals. She works with individuals and groups, conducts weekend personal growth workshops, runs kitchen workshops, and offers household organization assistance.

When: Wednesday, November 9 | 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Cost: $50

Course Description: Are you buried under a pile of paperwork: school papers; financial documents; health insurance forms; sports team papers; legal documents; home repair records; store receipts? Critical, time-sensitive information buried at the bottom of a backpack? It's time to get organized! Using a simple, systematic approach, Lisa will teach effective and inexpensive strategies for getting all of those important (and not so important) papers stored and accessible. Get your paperwork organized so that you can immediately find the information and documentation that you need when you need it.