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Indicate all that apply.​​
Please rank the following reasons and explain. Feel free to add your own reasons. 1) to gain a family member from another country 2) to learn a new culture 3) to share the American way of life 4) to put to use our spare bedroom​
Please describe your abilities to make these provisions.​​​​​​ Since international students are not allowed to drive, please also list all public facilities such as bus routes, libraries, tennis courts, bike paths, etc., within walking distance from your home.​​​​​​
List your family activities, such as sports, movies, social gatherings.​ Describe your regular schedule and expectations for household chores for the international student. For example, laundry, trash, quiet time weekdays, sleep-in Sundays, weekend time "off,”, dinner time "together", etc.​​​​​
List language/s spoken at home.​ ​
List family dietary restrictions if any. Please indicate if there are none.​​​
List family pets. Please note if you have none.​​
List relevant experiences related to hosting international students.​​​​​​​
Please include name, phone number and email address​​​

List all members of your household. Please include each person's age and gender.

Please note that some homestay agencies have rules against hosting students outside of their agencies. Please clarify with them what you are allowed to do before you continue the process with Good Counsel.​

Per the requirements of the Council on Standards of international Educational Travel, Good Counsel (or its representative) is required to conduct an in-person /in-house interview. We thank you for your cooperation in advance.​​

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