Camp Good Counsel 

"As a counselor, YOU are the ONLY reason some of these kids can attend camp in the summer. YOU are the reason they get to learn how to swim. YOU are the reason they get to go to the park. It is because of YOU that these kids (and you too) get to have one of the best summers of their lives and cultivate friendships that will last a lifetime." – Monica Castagnetti ’96

"I am proud to say that in one way or another every single activity I participated in at Good Counsel reinforced the school's motto that "in today's world, the loving good person - even alone - can make a difference.” But no activity informed my understanding of that statement more profoundly than my four summers at Camp Good Counsel. Bearing witness to the experiences of the campers each summer changed my entire understanding of service. I will forever be grateful for the experience." – Tom Murphy '91

Camp Good Counsel (Camp GC) is one of our school's longest-standing traditions, originating in the 1970s. This program is a non-profit camp that provides children from an underserved community with a fun-filled summer. The children are referred to Good Counsel by their elementary school counselor for a variety of reasons, and our aim is to create a memorable experience that will last both campers and counselors a lifetime.
What makes Camp Good Counsel so special?
  • Each camper has his or her own GC student counselor. The camper-counselor bond is the centerpiece of this experience and we rely on our counselors to be present every day. 

What activities are included in the camp day?

  • The day starts with breakfast and then everyone goes to the pool at Lake Hallowell. When they return, the day is filled with games, arts and crafts, music, and themed activities. Before they leave, all campers eat lunch. All meals are provided by Montgomery County Food Services. Then, campers are escorted to the bus and counselors sing them the 40-year-old camp farewell song. Once a week, the camp group ventures on a field trip to museums, parks, and other unique adventures.

How do students get involved?

  • Become a camp counselor by filling out the form below. IMPORTANT - There are limited spaces and applicants are not guaranteed a volunteer position. Applications are reviewed by the camp directors before choosing their staff.

What are the benefits of volunteering at Camp Good Counsel?

  • Counselors complete their service hours for the 2023-2024 school year.  Students make new friends and participate in counselor-only get-togethers and an end-of-the-summer theme park field trip. Best of all, GC students forever impact the lives of children who might otherwise not have this special experience.