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The experience of living requires that as fully developed persons, we seek meaning in all things. Our daily and spiritual lives are crowded with events and information rich in meanings both overt and symbolic. In accordance with the Xaverian Philosophy of education, we believe that we hold a sacred responsibility to develop and encourage the fullest capacity to experience, express, and create the extraordinary in the everyday lives of the Good Counsel student. We believe it is imperative that we inspire our students to read, interpret, and make the things that express what cannot be experienced through any other means. That is art. Through music, art, and theatre, we strive to foster the loving, good person, who works to influence the world and others for good.

Our mission is to offer academic classes and activities that create an environment in which every Good Counsel student can find rewarding and engaging work which provides the opportunity to grow and develop as the creators and consumers of art. Through a sequential program of courses, we seek to establish and build upon a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that allow our students to experience the depth of meaning to be discovered in the arts. Our primary focus is on student performance through the creation of drawings, paintings, sculpture, graphics, theatrical, and musical performances of the highest quality. We bring our students into contact with professional artists from each discipline in a variety of ways including workshops, mentorships, and community-based relationships that connect our work in the classroom to the world at large. Our goal is to make the arts a lively experience for every student and to create an ongoing appetite and appreciation for the Fine Arts in the lives of our graduates.

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Christopher Townsend

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