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Good Counsel provides several theatre courses that allow students to explore the depths of their talents in acting, directing, and other aspects of theatre design, including:

Acting for the Stage: Students explore the basic elements of theatrical performance through pantomime, improvisation, open scenes, tableaux vivants, monologues, and playwriting.

Directing & Devising: Students investigate all aspects of theatrical design, direction, and production, including playwriting, dramaturgy, character development, and production/stage management.

Stage Craft: Students experience the technical aspects of theatre construction and creation, from set and scenery construction to costuming to installing light and sound onstage.

Designing for the Stage: Students augment their stagecraft skills with technical studies in set, costumes, lighting and sound design.

IB Theatre: In this multifaceted theatre-making course of study, students are given the opportunity to make theatre as creators, designers, directors, and performers, with an emphasis on the importance of working both individually and collaboratively as part of an ensemble.

Good Counsel Theatre Company

The Good Counsel Theatre Company (GCTC) offers students the chance to create theatrical performances that delight and entertain. Each year GCTC presents two main-stage productions. In the fall, GCTC produces a comedy or drama, and in the spring they stage a musical. There are also opportunities to perform in smaller productions during the winter. Students can join GCTC as performers or as stage crew members. As a part of the stage crew, students learn how to design, build, and paint sets, design and fabricate props, design lighting and sound effects, design and construct costumes, design and apply makeup effects, and manage the stage.