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Arts Calendar

  • September 29: Chamber Recital
  • October 6: Fall Instrumental Concert
  • October 13: Fall Vocal Concert
  • November 4-5, 11-12: Fall Play, Clue
  • December 9: Christmas Concert

Good Counsel’s dance program provides the perfect outlet for students to express themselves through movement, challenge themselves in a new way, and unleash their artistic potential. The purpose of the dance program is to provide students with a comprehensive dance education that includes opportunities for performance and choreography and enables students to discover their artistic voice in a safe and encouraging environment. Under the guidance of professionally trained instructors, students explore the art of dance through foundational technique, creative process and choreography as the fundamental practices of the dance discipline.

Good Counsel offers the following dance classes:

  • Agility, Balance and Strength

  • Classical Dance Technique

  • Jazz Dance

  • Modern Dance

Complete descriptions of dance classes are available on pages 41 of the Course Offerings Bulletin.

The Good Counsel Repertory Dance Company

The GC Repertory Dance Company is Good Counsel’s very own dance company that began in the spring of 2020. The company consists of experienced dancers (levels intermediate to advanced) with knowledge in styles such as tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop and modern. Company members are students with departmental permission to enroll in a full-year of honors-level dance (either Advanced Jazz or Advanced Modern) who rehearse as a company during the school day for class credit. Students are graded regularly during class time, as well as for their required performances outside of class time. The GC Repertory Dance Company offers our advanced dancers the opportunity to train and perform in our state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center and Black Box Theatre throughout the year, in our own fully-produced dance concerts, at school events, and at various instrumental and choral concerts. Click here to watch the GC Repertory Dance Company's performance of “Glory” at GC’s Got Talent 2020!

The GCTC Dance Ensemble

The GCTC Dance Ensemble is a group of experienced dancers with a special interest in theatre and musical theatre. This group of dancers works hand-in-hand with the theatre department, performing onstage as featured dancers in Good Counsel Theatre Company’s annual productions. The GCTC Dance Ensemble is cast per production, meaning whenever there are roles for dancers in a show, we audition dancers for the ensemble. Featured dancers train throughout the year during rehearsals, enjoy additional performances like the Allison Awards, and participate in dance clinics throughout the summer. Click here to watch the GCTC Dance Ensemble perform “Sparkling Diamonds” at the Theatre and Dance Allison Awards 2021.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

GC Dance Concert

GC's Got Talent

GC Repertory Dance Company

Evening of the Arts

Allison Awards

GCTC Dance Ensemble