Choral Music

Stanley Spottswood

Phone Numbers:
School: 240-283-3333

Arts Calendar

  • September 29: Chamber Recital
  • October 6: Fall Instrumental Concert
  • October 13: Fall Vocal Concert
  • November 4-5, 11-12: Fall Play, Clue
  • December 9: Christmas Concert

Our Lady of Good Counsel offers numerous choral ensembles so that every student has the opportunity to find his or her voice. In these choirs, students learn to read music, tackle advanced music theory, and develop a unique community within the Good Counsel family.

Open the tabs below to find descriptions, photos and performance videos of the Good Counsel choral groups. Complete descriptions of choral classes offered can be found on pages 39-40 of the Course Offerings Bulletin.

Men's Chorus

Treble Choir

Chamber Choir

Women's Chorus

Honors Chorus

Good Counsel Talent

2022 GC's Got Talent

Songwriting Showcase

In Good Counsel’s first ever songwriting showcase in 2021, students had the opportunity to freely express themselves by creating original song compositions. To prepare, students used their school iPads to learn about harmonic structure, the process of composing piano accompaniment, bass guitar, smart drum features, percussion instruments, and the process of composing piano accompaniments.

Good Counsel Choral Concerts

Our Choral Program has four formal concerts each year: the Fall Choir Concert, the Christmas Concert, the Alumni Gospel Concert and the Spring Choir Concert. Choirs also lead the school community in worship during eight school-wide masses per year. At various competitions and festivals around the country, our Choral Program consistently achieves excellent ratings.

2021 Spring Choir Concert

2021 Virtual Gospel Choir Concert

2021 Gospel Solos Concert

2020 Christmas Concert

2020 Fall Choir Concert

Good Counsel Sings the Gospels

Good Counsel choirs join to perform Mr. Spottswood’s original composition, “Mount Zion,” at the 2020 Alumni Concert.

Good Counsel performs “Come, Holy Spirit” at the 2018 Gospel Concert.

Good Counsel Sings Spirituals

Good Counsel performs “Swing Down, Chariot” at the 2019 Spring Concert.

Good Counsel performs “Keep Your Lamps” at the 2018 Fall Concert.

Good Counsel performs “Hear My Prayer” at the 2017 Spring Concert.

Good Counsel performs “I’ll Stand” at the 2017 Spring Concert.