El Salvador Service Trip

We began the Alumni Service Trip to El Salvador in July of 2013 as a way for Good Counsel alumni to maintain a strong connection with Good Counsel in line with our mission to serve the poorest and most marginalized members of our global community. While there, alongside the residents of these impoverished villages, we helped build houses and schools, fed malnourished and often neglected children, and shared our hearts with children in a crowded orphanage. We also learned about the brutal, often tragic modern history of El Salvador while building lasting relationships with the warm and welcoming Salvadoran people.

Several more alumni, accompanied by a group of rising Good Counsel seniors, traveled there again in July 2014 and July 2015, further strengthening what we hope will be a valued and permanent tradition for Our Lady of Good Counsel alumni.

If you are interested in participating in July of 2020, please contact Andrew Collins '82. This is a tremendous opportunity to show your Falcon pride and work with Good Counsel students, faculty, and fellow alumni in a spirit of community and service in an experience you will never forget.

El Salvador Group Photo