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Legacy Program

A Good Counsel legacy is the son or daughter of a Good Counsel alumni.
If you are a Good Counsel alumni with children interested in attending Good Counsel, let us know on your admission inquiry form and application.
During the admissions cycle, we take the time to celebrate legacy families and their continued connection to Good Counsel. You will have access to special programs and events like those listed below.


Legacy Events

Legacy Shadow Day - September 22, 2023

 We invite all our legacy 8th graders to shadow on the last day of Spirit Week. This allows the legacies to engage in our Pep Rally - one of our most memorable traditions.

Legacy Admissions Breakfast - September 22, 2023

Before your son or daughter has an amazing shadow day, we invite you and your legacy to a breakfast with the president and principal in our beautiful Higgins Courtyard located in the center of the school.