When students leave Good Counsel, many of them discover a passion for something they want to do in the world. We have no doubt that all of our alumni carry forth these same qualities––to make a difference. United, we are creating meaningful change around the world.

As alumni of GC, you are part of a global network of nearly 11,700 leaders, creators, and change makers bound together by our shared connection. Regardless of where you live, all graduates have the opportunity to continue being active members of the GC Community.

We hope you will be a prideful Forever-A-Falcon member, and we invite you to explore all that we offer our largest community. Be sure to utilize these pages as a resource to update your employment and contact information, learn about alumni and networking events, share personal updates and photos, and join groups and discussions based on your interests.

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When you support GC, you support positive change in our world.

Do what you can and become a Forever-A-Falcon member. We are grateful that with your help, our students will learn to excel, serve, and love.

Interested in becoming a Class Agent?

Staying in touch with classmates, updating them about Good Counsel events, and helping to raise money to support our school, Class Agents are the core of our alumni network.

Volunteering as a Class Agent is an excellent way to maintain your personal network while serving the school--it strengthens the ties alumni have with one another and Good Counsel, and the peer-to-peer fundraising plays a critical role in the advancement of our school.

GJ Kissal '91
Director of Alumni Relations

Office: 240-283-3214