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Ryken Studies Program

Loren Bass

Ryken Program Director

Fast Facts

  • $4.2 million total scholarships offered to 32 Ryken graduates from the class of 2019
  • 40 students maximum accepted into the Ryken program each year

Ryken Studies is named for the founder of the Xaverian Brothers and is a college preparatory program designed for highly motivated students who have been diagnosed with mild learning differences. We prepare students for success in college and help them become autonomous learners by developing and reinforcing compensation strategies for each student’s learning difference(s).

This program assists students in their core courses using varied teaching styles and strategies that focus on skill development in smaller group settings. By junior year, most students move into the College Prep, Honors, AP, and IB Programs as they prepare for college.


How does my child apply for the Ryken Program?

Applications for the Ryken Program are accepted beginning in the Fall semester for the following Fall semester and must be submitted by the same deadline as for the general program at Good Counsel. In order to be considered for acceptance to the Ryken Studies Program, the following steps are required:

  • Complete the Good Counsel High School application, indicating that the student is applying for the Ryken Program.
  • Send official transcripts for the 7th grade and first quarter of 8th grade.
  • Take the High School Placement Test.
  • Send a written report for all psycho-educational testing conducted on the applicant. The assessment must have been conducted no earlier than the student's 7th grade school year. Testing must include at least an intelligence test (i.e. WISC IV or similar), achievement test (i.e. Woodcock-Johnson or similar), summary and recommendations, and suggested accommodations. It is also helpful to have data regarding accommodations for standardized tests and data on the student's ability to meet foreign language requirements.
  • Submit Math and English teacher recommendations.
  • Submit all above components by the application deadline; incomplete applications will not be considered.

Once a complete packet has been received and meets all preceding requirements, the information will be reviewed. In mid-January, the applicant and parent(s) will be contacted to schedule an interview with the Ryken Director/Counselor.

Visit our Admissions Page for additional information.

How do I know if the Ryken Studies Program is appropriate for my child?

If your child has been diagnosed with a mild learning difference, we suggest that you apply for the Ryken Program, as students are not able to transfer into the Ryken Program after admission to our general program.

If accepted into the program, is my child required to take all Ryken classes?

No. Students can mix Ryken classes with general and even Honors, AP and/or IB classes as appropriate to meet their individual needs. The Ryken Studies Program is designed so that students will be able to phase out of Ryken classes.

What are Ryken classes?

Ryken classes are college preparatory classes. They are not remedial or special education classes. They have a smaller student-to-teacher ratio. Teachers are not special education teachers; however, they utilize various teaching strategies and multi-sensory methods.

If it is decided that my child does not need the program, what will happen to the application?

If it is determined that placement for your child is more appropriate in the Honors or College Prep curriculum, the application will be returned to the Admissions Office for consideration.

Are there any additional charges for the Ryken Program?

The standard tuition applies for students in the Ryken Program. There is a fee for the required summer school program.

What is the Ryken Summer School Program?

Students admitted to the Ryken Program are required to participate in an enrichment program during the summer before their Freshman year. Students take an English and/or math course depending on the types of Ryken course(s) in which they will enroll: Humanities, math and science, or both. The Ryken Summer School Program is designed to transition students to high school by giving them a taste of what Good Counsel will be like with a much lighter course load.

How will teachers be advised of my child's needs?

Before the fall semester, the Ryken Director/Counselor prepares an individual Official Accommodations Profile for each student in the Ryken Program. At the beginning of the school year, each faculty member who teaches a Ryken Program student receives a copy of the student's Profile.

How am I notified of my child's academic progress?

Ryken teachers distribute multiple progress reports each academic quarter. All parents have access to the Parent Portal where grades are updated every two weeks.