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International Baccalaureate Program

Megan Dean Clark

Class of 2003
AP/IB Coordinator

Fast Facts

  • 1995, the year Good Counsel started the IB Program, first among all Catholic high schools in the area
  • 227 IB exams administered in May 2019
  • $4.8 million total scholarship offers to our Class of 2019 IB students

Our IB Program, recognized by top colleges and universities as one of the best available for high-achieving, highly motivated students, is a two-year college preparatory course of study that offers 33 courses and requires students to take examinations in six subject areas.

Academic Requirements
In order to earn the IB Diploma, students must successfully complete coursework in six different subject areas. Three courses are taken in the student’s more successful subjects on the Higher Level (HL), and three are taken in areas which present greater challenge to students on the Standard Level (SL). In this respect, students display their strengths, yet also support and extend their skills to areas which present greater challenges. Students are also required to complete an original piece of research; participate in and reflect upon their athletics, activities, and service; and complete an interdisciplinary seminar entitled "Theory of Knowledge."

Good Counsel offers IB studies in the following subjects:

MathematicsInformation Technology
for a Global Society (ITGS)
PsychologyMathematical studies
Visual ArtsPsychology
World LiteratureSpanish

Sports Exercise Science
Visual Arts
World Religions

Program Admission

We seek to extend every opportunity for students to enter and succeed in the IB Program. While it is recommended that students have completed the Pre-IB course of studies, all students are eligible
to apply to the IB Program during their sophomore year. Applications become available in November
and are due in January. Students are notified of the results of their application in March.

Generally, students succeed as diploma candidates if they demonstrate:

  • A passion for learning
  • A high level of personal motivation and organization
  • An interest in a global understanding of the world
  • Strong grades in Honors Pre-AP/IB courses and high grades in standard College Preparatory courses
  • Participation in activities, athletics, and service
  • Favorable recommendations from the faculty
  • Superior conduct and attendance
  • Family support