Student Working on Chemistry Problem

College Preparatory and Honors Programs

Good Counsel offers students the chance to grow in their educational pursuits over the course of their four years at our school. Beginning with the College Preparatory Program and the Xaverian Honors Program, students develop the foundational skills they will need to succeed in later years at Good Counsel and in college.

College Preparatory Program

Our College Preparatory Program is designed to expose students to the essential content and skill development needed to succeed in college. Through this comprehensive and challenging curriculum, each student will meet all graduation requirements and be prepared for college.

Xaverian Honors Program

The Xaverian Honors Program (also referred to as Pre-AP/IB) challenges qualified high-achieving students to think critically and engage deeply in a given subject. Honors courses are available in nearly every subject, totaling more than 50 classes. This program prepares students in later years for AP and/or IB courses.