Science teacher working with students in lab

College Preparatory and Honors Programs

Good Counsel offers students the chance to grow in their educational pursuits over the course of their four years at our school. Beginning with the College Preparatory Program and the Xaverian Honors Program, students develop the foundational skills they will need to succeed in later years at Good Counsel and in college.

College Preparatory Program

Preparing for college is an expected part of the GC experience and it starts from day one for all students. If you don’t elect to join any other program, you will gain exposure to essential content as you develop your skills needed to succeed on the path to getting accepted to colleges you apply to. Students receive the type of personalized attention and guidance throughout their four years that leads to our 99.7% college placement rate for a four-year college or university (often including some of the top schools in the country). For the class of 2022, more than half (53%) enrolled in institutions ranked by US News as Top 100 National Universities or Top 50 Liberal Arts Colleges.

Xaverian Honors Program

For many students this program is the precursor to our Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate programs in their later years. Students get to dive into a subject they are passionate about while taking Honors courses, choosing from 50 classes covering just about every subject available.