Ryken Studies Program

Good Counsel established the Ryken Studies Program based upon the Xaverian tradition of academic caring. In 1864, Theodore Ryken opened the first Xaverian Brothers school in the United States. This school, located in Louisville, Kentucky, served young immigrant students who wanted a quality Catholic education. The Xaverian Brothers believed these students deserved to be educated in the Catholic tradition, regardless of the label that society had placed on them. This dedication to those with special needs has become a hallmark of the Xaverian Brothers for over 125 years.

One of the most sought-after programs in the metropolitan DC area, the Ryken Studies Program at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School is a college preparatory program designed for highly motivated students with mild learning differences. The primary focus of this program is to assist students in their core courses through the use of varied teaching styles and strategies that focus on skill development in a small group setting.

The goals of the Ryken Studies Program are:
  • To prepare the student to be successful in college.
  • To teach the student to become an autonomous learner by developing and reinforcing compensation strategies for the student's learning disability.

Ryken Studies Program Applicants

Please contact the Admissions Department at 240-283-3235 with any questions regarding the Ryken admissions process.

Loren Bass

Ryken Program Director