Counselor speaking with student in college room


Counselors’ Objectives

Counselors help students with many aspects of their high school experience, including:
  • Adjustment to Good Counsel

  • Organizational, study and test-taking skills

  • Managing learning differences and accommodations

  • College planning and career preparation 

  • Problem-solving and decision-making 

  • Peer relationships and conflict resolution 

  • Coping with life challenges

  • Embracing and respecting diversity

Emergency and After-Hours Counseling Resources

If you are experiencing an emergency outside of school, there is help.

  • For a medical emergency, dial 911.
  • For a mental health emergency, dial 988.
  • For other resources, click HERE.

Counseling Department Philosophy
Our counselors support students in their academic, emotional, and social development, with special emphasis on preparation for college. Our students are unique; they have different needs, experiences and goals. There is no “one size fits all” for school counseling. Our school counselors believe that their role is to help students navigate the pressures and challenges they experience as they strive to obtain a greater sense of self and increasingly move toward independence.

Counseling Department Structure
The Counseling Department consists of eight full-time counselors, including five personal/academic counselors and three college counselors.

Student Counselor Assignments
Each student is assigned both a personal counselor and a college counselor, and those pairings remain the same throughout high school. Counselors get to know their students well, allowing them to efficiently guide students from the beginning of freshman year through the college application process. Parents and students can find the names of their counselors on their individualized school schedules.

Loren Bass

Loren Bass

Ryken Program Director

Justin Junghans

Justin Junghans


Rosa Mozeak

Counseling Department Secretary

Brennan Prodey

Personal Counseling Chair

Mary Clare Roeder

Counseling Department Chair

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith