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Contact Your Child's School Counselor For:

  • Academic skills support
  • Career preparation
  • Post-secondary planning
  • School adjustment issues
  • Coping, problem-solving and decision-making concerns
  • Organizational, study and test-taking skills
  • Peer relationships and conflict resolution problems
  • Divorce, separation and family changes
  • Experiencing loss, death and grief

The Counseling Department supports students in their academic, emotional and social development. Every student is different; every student’s needs are different; every student’s path in high school is different. There is no “one size fits all” for school counseling. We strive to meet the individual needs of each student. Our school counselors assist students in recognizing strengths and weaknesses, identifying short and long term goals, and developing post-secondary plans.

Students stay with the same counselor throughout high school. School counselors get to know their students well, and this relationship enables the school counselor to efficiently guide students from the beginning of freshman year through the college application process. Our school counselors view their role as helping students navigate the pressures and challenges they experience as they strive to obtain a greater sense of self and increasingly move toward independence.

Throughout your student’s high school experience, you will find our services to be an integral part of your student’s education. Our department consists of six full time counselors: the Counseling Department Chair, the Director of Personal Counseling, the Ryken Program Director, and three full time school counselors. We also have a Director of College Counseling and two additional college counselors.

Collectively, our professional staff works diligently alongside students and parents to engage students, foster achievement and inspire excellence throughout the high school years. Please know you are an extension of our team and we look forward to assisting with your academic, personal, social and college/career needs.