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Our inclusive community responds to the needs of our diverse student body. We promote academic success, academic integrity, and physical health, in a challenging and goal oriented curriculum.
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A Message from the Principal

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A member of the Our Lady of Good Counsel Class of 1993, I still remember the words that appeared on our senior sweatshirts, “Unity Through Diversity.” As students, we recognized the distinctive gifts, talents, interests, and backgrounds represented by our class. This awareness not only continues to exist among today’s students but has increased over the years.

Firmly rooted in the Xaverian belief that educators should meet students where they are, Good Counsel has developed a curricular and extra-curricular program which welcomes learners of all types and interests. In the classroom, students have the opportunity to challenge themselves and explore subjects of personal curiosity including Aeronautical Engineering, America at the Crossroads, Latin, Bioethics and Theater Production.

Beyond the classroom, students have the opportunity to stretch themselves in pursuit of championship caliber athletics, award winning theater productions, or competitive speech and debate. Good Counsel also offers a wide array of clubs for those students whose passion may not lie in the realm of performance or competition. Most meaningfully, students have the opportunity to grow spiritually through participation and leadership in Campus Ministry retreats, service trips, and activities.

At the very heart of all that we do is to encourage students to be their best possible self; to identify their passion and pursue it to the fullest extent possible. Our graduates include Olympic Gold Medalists, a US Ambassador, Hollywood actors, authors, and leaders in business, industry, and public service. We invite you to explore this website and visit our campus to learn more about the academic, personal, and spiritual foundation which enables students to Excel, Serve, and Love wherever life’s journey takes them.

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Thomas Campbell ‘93

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What are you interested in?

College Preparatory

Our outstanding College Preparatory program provides well-rounded academic courses for college-bound high school students. This is our standard course of study.

International Baccalaureate

Our International Baccalaureate Program has been in place since 1995 and is the oldest IB Diploma program among Catholic high schools in all of Maryland, DC and Virginia. The program, recognized as one of the best available for high-achieving, highly motivated students, is a two-year college preparatory course of studies that requires students to take examinations in six different subject areas. Students complete original research, and participate in and reflect upon their experiences, through the prism of an intercultural, world view.

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Advanced Placement

Students who wish to take on more rigorous, college-level coursework, may do so as part of Good Counsel’s Advanced Placement Program. More than 19 AP courses are available across all academic discipline.

Saint Mary's Scholars

The Saint Mary’s Scholars Program allows high-achieving students to discover the connection between classroom studies and real world careers during an intensive summer program.


Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Program, sponsored by Project Lead The Way, introduces students to the field of engineering through a nationally, hands-on, project-based curriculum that draws upon their working knowledge of math and science.

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Ryken Studies

The Ryken Studies Program is a college preparatory program designed for highly motivated students with mild learning differences. Its primary focus is to assist students in their core courses through the use of varied teaching styles and learning strategies, all of which take place in small group setting.

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We Believe

As a Catholic school, our program is based upon and inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Every effort is made to foster a spirit and sense of community supported by a belief in the dignity and uniqueness of each individual. Christian values are emphasized in all aspects of the school, but especially through religious studies, retreats, community worship, and various service projects.

We strive to incorporate these Christian values and teachings throughout our entire curriculum. This curriculum offers a core of required and elective courses including International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, Honors, and College-Prep classes. Our teachers personalize the educational process and work with students at all levels of development with the goal that each student is supported and known.