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Good counsel students heading into school

Parent Organizations

Learn more about the different ways parents can assist with Good Counsel's school and student life activities.

Volunteering at Good Counsel

Protection of the children entrusted to our care is a huge responsibility we take on every day. Unfortunately, the times we live in make clear that threats to safety and security can emerge from anywhere. We are grateful for the many volunteers who help make things run here at school. At the same time, we understand our obligation to have processes in place to screen those who work here and who volunteer for us.

The Volunteers and Fingerprinting Guideline will explain our systematic approach for volunteers. The key concept in determining the need for a volunteer to go through this process is substantial contact with children – i.e. contact with children in which the duration and scope in both time and exposure to children is neither rare nor limited and may occur in a routine and/or ongoing basis. This includes all overnight activities with children and any activities involving time spent alone with children and/or in supervision of children.