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2018-2022 Strategic Plan for
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Board Approved on January 18, 2018

Students studying together

This strategic plan focuses on diversity, inclusion, equity and justice at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School. It is framed in values that are essential to the functioning and success of the School. These values are a consequence of our history and heritage, steeped in the sense of human dignity that is the bedrock of the social teaching of the Catholic Church. This document, In Harmony, draws its inspiration from the motto of the Xaverian Brothers: “In harmony, small things grow.”

We begin this plan by recognizing and appreciating the DIVERSITY within the human family in all of its manifestations. As a consequence, people are not judged for who they are but for what they do or fail to do as they live out the teachings of the Gospels. INCLUSION means that Good Counsel must ensure that every facet of its community, from students to faculty to staff and other stakeholders, is representative of this diversity in meaningful ways. No aspect of our identity, structure, or processes is too great or small for this consideration. EQUITY suggests that no one should be treated unfairly relative to more-entitled others for reasons that have nothing to do with their abilities or efforts. Instead, all human beings should be given the widest possible opportunities to thrive regardless of their starting positions in life. Finally, JUSTICE requires that our support of diversity, inclusion, and equity come together in a synergistic fashion so that social and distributive justice are attained in all we do. In the final analysis, the lives we touch should be meaningfully enhanced by our actions.

The objectives and tactical steps presented in this document articulate how we intend to operationalize these guiding principles across the myriad aspects and activities that make up the daily lives of the people regularly engaged with Our Lady of Good Counsel High School. While they are broad in scope and purpose, no statement of this kind is fully capable of capturing every nuance of what it takes to guarantee a just environment. Thus, we recognize the need to have a truly living document that can be revised and expanded as novel situations arise. Yet we hold these ideals as a sacred trust that we make in Christ’s name, for each individual we interact with should come away better off as a result. To say that all people are created by the same God and placed on this earth to achieve His purposes is a regular reminder of the sanctity of human existence.

It is our mission to be an instrument of His peace in ways that are consonant with a Xaverian, Catholic high school. There are always difficulties in the implementation of such plans as people may disagree with how to proceed, even if they agree on the value of certain ends. Regardless, we are unified in the belief that Our Lady of God Counsel High School can make a difference in the larger society by following the path outlined here. We hope that all stakeholders will read and follow this document to the fullest extent possible so that our ability to foster a just world is actualized.