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At Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, we believe in the value of creating points of encounter. Only by stepping into another person’s reality can we grow more compassionate and respectful of the human dignity of all our brothers and sisters in Christ. In its “2018 Pastoral Letter Against Racism,” the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops asserts that the our nation is rooted in a history of genocide, displacement and slavery. It takes humility to recognize this painful truth. As we strive to grow in faith, we must grapple with the sin of racism and how it has been upheld through supremacy, privilege and bias. As a Catholic Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School, we believe in the sanctity of life and respect the right to life of all people. As Catholics, we are called to fight for a quality of life that honors the individual. It is our hope that these resources will aid you in your personal learning and growth around diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.

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