Host Families

Being a host family is a culturally enriching experience for every member of the family, and you will build enduring personal relationships across the world for years to come. We plan to enroll 15 - 20 international students every year from all over the world.

Host Family Requirements:
  • A tie with the Good Counsel community is preferred, but not mandatory. Faculty, alumni, neighbors are all invited to apply.
  • Ideally located near the school bus routes and metro lines to enable mobility for the students.
  • Will be invited into a "Falcon Family" chat room for mutual support and fun activities.
  • Must commit to providing:
    • a loving and safe home - anyone older than 18 will require a SSN based background check.
    • a private bedroom - not separated on a different floor from the rest of the family members; preferably not having TV and computers in the bedroom.
    • all meals: breakfasts are important - try hot pockets if mornings are busy. School lunches are covered in the tuition; packing an afternoon snack is a good idea.
    • transportation to and back from school - must allow time for after school extracurricular activities. Means of transportation can be bikes (helmet is required), school buses (fees apply), your private car, carpool with other families, public buses (free with student ID), and if necessary, Uber.
    • clear and open discussions on your mutual expectations - here is a list of Standards of Conducts for your discussions.
  • Can choose to host short terms (typically less than one month and is not compensated) or an academic year (compensated, August to June. Temporary housing can be provided when you travel.)
Management, Compensation and Application to be a Host Family:
  • Host Families are managed and compensated through homestay agencies that are approved by OLGCHS.
  • All approved homestay agencies must follow regulations published by Standards for International Student Exchange (
  • Monthly stipend can vary based on needs and demands. If you are interested in sponsoring housing for any particular students, please let us know.
  • Apply by filling out an online application and completing a school volunteer application.
  • If we have a student who is a good match, we will connect you with the student's parents, guardians or agent to discuss details.
Host Family Support Presentations:

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