The faculty, staff, and students at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
are so excited that you will be a member of our community!

Today, there are so many variables that will determine the path of learning and achievement.
Faithful to our mission, "We inspire our students to excel, serve, and love,"
Good Counsel will prepare you academically and spiritually to harness
your strengths and seek solutions to life's challenges.

Registration for new students will be held on

Friday, March 10 | 5:00 - 8:00 PM

Please arrive during your scheduled registration time, determined by the student's last name:

A-L: 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
M-Z: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

* If you have received your acceptance packet, but have not yet received your online enrollment email, please visit

Hear From Our Students

“Before coming to GC, I only knew a couple of people and was nervous about going through the high school experience alone. That was not the case at all. I was warmly welcomed, made friends instantly, and felt at home. Since then, I can proudly say I've made life-long friendships.”

-Jake Peter '17

“GC has challenged me to think in multiple ways, and the spirit of community has encouraged me to succeed in everything that I do. Is it a lot of work? Sure. But so is everything that's worthwhile. GC has made me believe that my education and engagement with my community is the most worthwhile thing there is.”

-Emily Hall '17

“I remember the first day of freshman year and being intimidated by 1,200 high schoolers walking through the hallways. By the end of the first month, I practically knew all 1,200 students and the teachers. Whether a quiet freshman or an extroverted senior, we're all a part of the same family. Falcons fly together!

-Helton Rodriguez '18

“Good Counsel is a great community where you can excel. The academic programs challenge you and the classes aren't boring. The teachers keep the students engaged, and the block schedule really helps you to be organized and prepared. You can also excel athletically – I'm excited to be a part of the championship spirit here."

-Chloe Chapman '19

“The activities and programs offered at GC are tremendous. They let you explore and excel in your hobbies and interests while forming new friendships. The opportunities are world-class and provides me with an incredibly well-rounded education. I currently participate in over five clubs and am so happy with the results.”

-Shane Better '20

“With so many opportunities to travel, serve, learn and play, Good Counsel is the perfect place to discover and become your best self. I am thrilled to be graduating from such a high standing school with so many rigorous courses. The AP program put me at the top of my game. It kept me focused and continually challenged me. I feel prepared for whatever the future holds.”

-Katie Martin '17

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