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This morning, Seniors returned to Good Counsel to spend one last day together before graduation at the Basilica tomorrow. They enjoyed a nice breakfast before picking up their caps and gowns and then attending the Senior Awards Ceremony. Please find the list of awards below:

Academic Awards:

Maryland Merit Scholastic Award (top 5% of a school's graduating class):

Mary Carbonell
Elianna Schiffrik
Neil Coronado
Samuel Redman
Sofia Rebaudengo
Matthew Barry
James Biggins
Michael Harrington
Ellen Tuttle
Dillon Barreto
Anchal Shukla
Colleen Morgan
Emily Hall
Hannah Brandes
Erin Pocratsky
Deanna Bulk
Emily Bartlett
James Hall
Elizabeth Homick
Quintin Hernandez

National Merit Scholarship Commended Students:

Silvano Brugnerotto
Mary Carbonell
Emily Hall
Russell Porter
Sofia Rebaudengo
Anchal Shukla
Leigh-Ann Worthington

National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist:

Noah Adams

National Merit Scholarship Finalist:

Neil Coronado
Michael Harrington
Elianna Schiffrik

Bishop P. Francis Murphy Peace Award

Taylor McDaniels

Justin Thornton Award

Ryan Briggs

Outstanding Citizenship Award

Quintin Henandez

Ginger Burch Award

Leslie Medina

Donald J. Dalphonse Award (Excellence in the study of Religion):

Matthew Barry

Barry J. Trick Award (Excellence in the study of English):

Emily Hall

Gregory A. Wood Award (Excellence in the study of Foreign Language):

Sydney Melton

Sylvia Serafino Mathematics Award (Excellence in the study of Mathematics):

Neil Coronado

For excellence in the study of Science:

Elianna Schiffrik

Thomas Kolar Social Studies Award (Excellence in the study of Social Studies):

Samantha van Terheyden

For excellence in the study of Visual Arts:

Talia Skyles

For excellence in the study of Theatre:

Chase Maselka

For excellence in the study of Instrumental Music:

Daniel Lidiak

For excellence in the study of Vocal Music:

Aiden Teter

For excellence in the study of Technology:

Michael Harrington

Thomas Hilton '64 Award (Excellence in the study of Physical Education)

Jalen Lea

Bradlee A. Bolino Award (Excellence in Technical Theatre)

Alison Jackson

Perfect Attendance:

Luis Gomez
Erin Pocratsky

Appointment to the US Military Academy at West Point:

Sam Redman

Athletic Awards:

The Brother Remigius Trophy is presented to the student athlete who best exhibits the qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, and integrity:

Sofia Rebaudengo
Catherine Thomas
William Burke
Joshua Paschal

The Robert L. Windlan Outstanding Male Athlete Award:

Brady Gilliland-Daniel

The Robert L. Windlan Outstanding Female Athlete Award:

Halle Graham

Boys' Cross Country

MVP – James Vazzana
Coach's Award – George Drewyer

Girls' Cross Country

MVP – Ellen Tuttle


MVP – Sofia Donolo

Boys' Soccer:

MVP - Matthew Scuderi
Coach's Award – Ean Eggerman

Field Hockey:

MVP – Halle Graham
Coach's Award – Ioanna Mantzouratos and Catherine Thomas

Girls' Tennis:

Coach's Award – Katie Phelan and Megan Keller

Girls' Basketball:

MVP – Lindsey Pulliam
Coach's Award – Bailey Smith

Ice Hockey:

MVP – Brian Greenblatt
Coach's Award – Anthony DelBuono

Girls Lacrosse:

Coach's Award – Emily Bartlett


MVP – Bailey Thomas


MVP – Peyton Touma


Helene Rosenheim Youth Service Scholarship:

Emma Rainard

Navy ROTC Scholarship:

Emily Bartlett

Over the weekend, GC held the 2017 WCAC Track and Field Championship meet in Kline Stadium. The GC Boys team came away from the event with their second consecutive WCAC title. The girls team also had a strong meet, placing second, one spot better than their third place finish in 2016. Congratulations to all GC runners. Below you can see some of the best finishes from the meet.

8th: Imani Jones 100H and Marilyn Yang 300H

7th: Christin Hackney 100H, Claudia Wendt 3200, Savian Barrett PR prelim 100, Mawunyo Wurapa Long Jump, George Drewyer 800 and Turner Roberts 200m, Girls 4 x 200 Relay members: Yang, Savannah Hill, Bartlett and Milan Reed

6th: Caitlyn Ettienne PR 100, Ettienne PR 200m, Hilerie Knights 800, Maggie Ralston PR 3200, Bartlett PR 300H, Drewyer PR 1600, Cullen Yankey PR Long Jump and, Josh Rogers PR 3200

5th: Erin Pocratsky 800m, Reed PR 200m, McCall Brown PR DISCUS, Tyler Baylor (Tied) High Jump, Cullen Yankey Triple Jump, Kristopher Jenkins DISCUS, Drewyer PR 3200 and Jonathan Imes PR prelim 200m

4th: Ettienne PR 400m, Ellen Tuttle PR 1600, Patrick Diaz PR TRIPLE, Yankey PR 300H, Naeem Green PR prelim 110HH, Jimmy Vazzana in both 1600 and 3200, Imes 400m, Girls 4 x 100 Relay members: Hackney, Jones, Brown and Bartlett, Boys 4 x 400 Relay members: Charles Mansfield, Josh Kelly, Jenkins and Wurapa

3rd: Bartlett PR prelim 100m, Tuttle 3200m, Diaz PR Long Jump, Roberts PR 100m, Vazzana 800m, Wurapa PR 300H, Joshua Paschal DISCUS and PR SHOT, Boys 4 x 100 Relay members: Barrett, Tremayne Stott, Kelly and Paschal

2nd: Hackney PR TRIPLE, Pocratsky PR 1600, Darnell Pratt in both 100m and 200m, Girls 4 x 400 Relay members: Pocratsky, Reed, Knights and Rachel Bamgbose, Boys 4 x 800 Relay PR members: Imes, Vazzana, Drewyer and Alex Hall

1st: Knights PR 1600m, Pratt 400m school and meet record, Girls 4 x 800 Relay members: Pocratsky, Knights, Tuttle and Bamgbose, Boys 4 x 200 Relay school and meet record members: Imes, Roberts, Barrett and Pratt

For the last 15+ years, Seniors in AP/IB World Lit and Composition 2 have created absurdist films as their final project. Originally the brainchild of Andy Collins, the project is meant to provide the students a fun, creative way to prove that they grasp the basic principles of absurdism.

Last night was the first time that awards have been handed out for the creative and technical work that is put into the films. Affectionately known as The Abbies, current Lit teachers Mr. Curtin, Ms. Bykowski, and Ms. Chaconas hope that this fun event becomes a new tradition at GC. Decked out in their red carpet garb, teachers and students came out to celebrate the efforts of students who have survived the gauntlet of the AP/IB programs.

Below is a full listing of the nominees in each category and the winners:


Best Actor in a Comedic Role: Winner: Q Hernandez - #yilovegc
Brian Fries – The School
Ryan Briggs – Absurd News
Jimmy Bailey – Freshman Orientation

Best Actress in a Comedic Role: Winner: Sara Nahusenay - The 7 Levels
Alison Jackson – The Quest for the Holy Fail
Caelin Broder – The School
Gabby Oliver – Typical

Best Actor in a Dramatic Role: Winner: James Biggins—GC Absurdity
Jack Sebeck – GC Absurdity
Philip Saunders – Waiting for Progress
Ryan Clark – Freshman Orientation

Best Actress in a Dramatic Role: Winner: Gracyn Bird—The 7 Levels
Samantha van Terheyden – The Quest for the Holy Fail
Ioanna Mantzouratos – Welcome to Good Counsel
Anchal Shukla – Baccalaureate Lemonade

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Winner: Jack Juska—A Falcon's Tail
Thibault Denamiel – The Quest for the Holy Fail
Matthew Barry – GC Absurdity
Brady Murphy – Brady's Bunch
Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Chase Maselka—Mass at Good Counsel
Breatney Charles – Typical
Sophia Rebaudengo - #yilovegc
Katie Phelan – The School
Margaret Rosburg – Welcome to Good Counsel

Best Student Cameo: Winner: Josh Paschal—The 7 Levels
Q Hernandez – Typical
Maxwell Miller – Typical
Patrick Ehrman – The Quest for the Holy Fail
McNeil Allo – GC Absurdity

Best Faculty or Staff Cameo: Winner: Matt Durkin—Cliques
Laura Fess – Senioritis
Ana Lopez – Welcome to Good Counsel
Jill Kasprzak - #yilovegc
James Aitken – Absurd News
Leslie Young – Cliques
Jeff Antico – Cliques
Andrew Keegan – Cliques
Tony Tamberino – The 7 Levels
Tom Arnold – The 7 Levels
Randy Mackiewicz – Brady's Bunch
Rich Seel – Brady's Bunch
Martin Schoch – Brady's Bunch

Technical Award Winners

Best Direction: Winner: Peter Manougian—Baccalaureate Lemonade
Sara Nahusenay—The 7 Levels
Patrick Ehrman—The Quest for the Holy Fail
James Biggins—GC Absurdity

Best Cinematography: Winner: Peter Manougian—Baccalaureate Lemonade
Sophie Escario—Cliques
Jake Snider—GC Absurdity

Best Sound Design and Editing: Winner: Peter Manougian—Baccalaureate Lemonade
Sophie Escario—Cliques
Patrick Ehrman and Julia McIntyre—The Quest for the Holy Fail

Best Screenplay: Winner: Sara Nahusenay—The 7 Levels
Alison Jackson and Samantha van Terheyden—The Quest for the Holy Fail
Liz Homick, Sofia Rebaudengo, Tali Skyles, Emily Small—#yilovegc

Best Film Editing: Winner: Peter Manougian—Baccalaureate Lemonade
Patrick Ehrman and Julia McIntyre—The Quest for the Holy Fail
Leigh-Anne Worthington—The 7 Levels
James Biggins—GC Absurdity
Colleen Morgan—#yilovegc
Katie Forman—Welcome to Good Counsel

Best Costume Design: The Winner: Noah Adams—The Adams Family
Nandi Carson—Baccalaureate Lemonade
Julia McIntyre—The Quest for the Holy Fail
Philip Saunders—Waiting for Progress

Best Production Design: The Winner: Peter Manougian—Baccalaureate Lemonade
Leigh-Anne Worthington—The 7 Levels
Noah Adams—The Adams Family
Miguel Mayo—A Falcon's Tail

Best Picture: The Winner:The 7 Levels—Gracyn Bird, Sara Mullen, Sara Nahusenay, Katie Tavedi, Leigh-Anne Worthington
GC Absurdity—Dillon Barreto, Matt Barry, James Biggins, Will Coakley, Sam Redman, Jack Sebeck, Jake Snider
The Quest for the Holy Fail—Hannah Brandes, Thibault Denamiel, Patrick Ehrman, Alison Jackson, Auntiwhnor Kpolie, Julia McIntyre, Samantha van Terheyden

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